25 Simple Ways To Lose Weight & Keep It Off

It is true that fat is good for the body and has many functions in the body like energy production and facilitates vitamins A, D, E and K absorption and even weight maintenance. Like most good things, having them in excess pose effects; when fat is excess in the body that one may be termed overweight or worse obese, then the same fat which offers benefit would become detrimental to your health.

Excess fat increases the risks of heart diseases and cancer like endometrial, breast, prostate and colorectal cancers. When excess fat is burned or loss, you become less stressed, you’ll experience increased strength and energy, improved sport performance and you’ll have an overall healthier weight.


So, for your needs, here are 25 Simple Ways To Lose Weight And Keep It Off for good:


1.) Be Realistic

You did not gain weight over night so you will not lose weight overnight.  Prepare your goals and make them S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) before you start your weight loss journey.



2.) Don’t Eat Out Of The Bag 

Eating out of a bag of food/snacks causes you to lose insight of the serving sizes you are eating. Instead measure out a serving size and put the bag away. 




3.) Eat Good Fat

Most fat that contribute to being overweight or obese are termed bad fat. Bad fats are found in “Junk or Processed food and are  considered unhealthy. Rather, eat more good fats like omega fatty acids. These are healthy fats and can be found in avocados.



4.) Lift Weights

When you lift weights, your muscles contract and expands; this causes them to burn calories even when you’re done lifting and resting. It tones the muscles and burns fat.


Lift weights


5.) Drink Tea

Not just any tea, drink green tea. Research has proven that people who consume green tea have higher metabolism over those who don’t. High metabolism means high calorie burning rate, so drink green tea often.




6.) Hydrate

Drink water… lots of water, it keeps the liver strong and facilitates fat loss; It aids the liver in processing fat into energy. Drink at least 6 -8 glasses of water a day. 


Drink Water


7.)  Eliminate Alcohol

Alcohol has high sugar content which is not helpful to someone trying to lose weight. It is also high in calories and slows your metabolism, choose water over a mug of beer.




8.) Watch Your Calories

You have to cut back on excess calories, watch and scrutinize what you pick from the grocery store and check its calorie content. The goal is to burn calories at a higher rate than which you consume; if you’re doing the reverse then you are far from losing weight.


9.) Split Meals

Rather than eating huge meals at once, split it into three to four meals. This helps prevent consuming excess calories, facilitates faster metabolism and promotes satiety too. 


Meal prep


10.) Train Your Core

Performing core engaging exercises keep the muscles toned and burning fat all day. Try planks and sit-ups for a start.


Sit ups and core training


11.) Don’t Skip Breakfast

Never think skipping breakfast is ideal for weight loss. Breakfast provides you with energy for executing daily tasks and helps prevent you from reaching for processed, high-calorie snacks when hungry.




12.) Avoid Simple Carbs

These carbs offer high calories with little nutritional benefits. Opt for complex carbs instead as they are plant-based foods and have many beneficial nutrients including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


simple carbs


13.) Do HIIT

Perform High Intensity Interval Training often. It quickens metabolism, burns fat faster and quicker and gives you a more aesthetic body. Run for 5 minutes and jog for 2 minutes then run again. HIIT exercise burns fat faster.


Running Hit


14.) Walk Often

Don’t be lazy, walking is one of the easiest and convenient ways to burn fat. Skip the elevator and take the stairs, don’t sit all day rather take a stroll. Aim for at least 10,000 steps per day, you can get a tracker which keeps track of steps completed per day along with the calories burnt.




15.) Eat More Protein And Fiber

Proteins are body building nutrients and meals rich in protein keeps the digestive system active, fiber content also aids in digestion which in turn burns fat. Protein promotes healthy muscles and fiber also increases satiety.


fiber protein


16.) Maintain Blood Sugar

When your blood sugar is high, you can’t burn calories as efficient as you want to. Not only is high blood sugar bad for weight loss, it also increases risk of diabetes.


diabetes blood sugar


17.) Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods are high in added sugars, fats and calories. They also make you eat more often so it’s best to steer clear from them and eat healthier cooked foods or raw vegetables and fruits.


processed food


18.) Drink Coffee

Black unsweetened coffee; coffee supports weight loss by raising energy levels prompting you to do more work and keeps your body active all day which in turn burns calories. It may also boost metabolism by 3-11 percent and reduce risk of type 2 diabetes.




19.) Use Smaller Plates

This might sound funny, but is very effective.  Smaller food trays or plates helps keep the amount of food you eat in check. Using smaller plates tricks your brain into eating less thus less excess calories. 


small plates


20.) Eat Slow

Many eat on the go causing us to eat more calories without realizing. Don’t rush to eat your food, but instead take your time eating.   Chewing slowly helps give the brain the opportunity to signal your stomach that you’re satisfied to help prevent overeating.


Eat Slow


21.) Get Your Sleep

Sleep is beneficial in many ways as well as in weight loss. Studies show that sleep deprived people have a 55 percent risk of becoming obese than those who sleep well. It disrupts daily appetite hormonal fluctuations and causes poor appetite regulation making you eat more.




22.) Change Your Lifestyle

That is, switch up your diets. Dump your unhealthy and less nutritious diets and eat healthier henceforth. There are so many healthy diets which provides a lot of nutritional benefits and keep your weight in optimal condition. A typical example is the Ketogenic diet.




23.) Combat Your Addiction

Whatever food addiction you might have, especially if its unhealthy snacks or foods, call it quits. Food addiction slows down the fat loss process; how can you lose weight if  you have an addiction to food? For starters, keep  snacks and other tempting food out of your reach. See a psychologist if you’re still having problems quitting on your own.




24.) Practice Mindful Eating

This helps you to be more conscious and increases awareness when eating. It has been shown to have significant effects on weight loss, and stress in obese individuals. It also helps to curb emotional eating and binge eating. By increasing your awareness on food you eat better and healthier.




25.) Start Cardio

If you’re new to workouts and scared of weights, start cardio. It is an effective way to lose weight and it improves general mental and physical health. Cardio reduces risk of heart diseases and facilitates fat burning like stubborn belly fat. Try running, skipping, climbing or jogging virtually anything that gets your heart rived up.




There you have it – 25 Simple Ways To Lose Weight & Keep It Off . Imbibe these methods and experience significant weight loss. Not only would you lose weight, but reduce risk of diseases that comes with excess fats and also improve your mental and physical health.

Shameka Renee

Weight Loss Goals Can Be Intimidating, But With A Little Inspiration You Can Lose That Excess Weight. Here Are 25 Simple Ways To Lose Weight & Keep It Off.

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