Every woman is unique in her own way, which is why it is important to provide her with a gift that is unique to her character and personality. This is preferable instead of giving her something boring only for it to be re-gifted or just kept somewhere collecting dust. Gift giving for the special woman in your life is such a personal affair because it shows how much you know her and how much you care about their well-being. There is a chance you know her well enough to know what she likes, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box for that unique gift.

You will need to do your research to find the ideal unique gift for her so she knows you have her best interests at heart. There are women ho seem to have everything so buying a unique gift for her might be slightly harder because they could be pickier. There is also the lady who is a minimalist and believes in finding the best possible uses for whatever she has. In any case, this just goes to show how unique each woman is and why you need to do your best to find the right gift. 


12 unique Gift Ideas



Pentagon Ball Shape Goemetric Terrarium

Modern style and classic elegance adds the perfect touch of eye-catching style to her small potted plants or for showing off her favorite keepsake.  Ideal size for fern, moss, succulent, airplants, cacti or other plants with easy maintenance.  Easy to clean and access.TErranium

Get Terrarium Here 


Mermaid Tail

Spark her creative side with a multi-use, all seasons crochet mermaid blanket.  Bonus: A casual daypack and an unique silver color necklace.

Mermaid Tail

Choose From 8 Different Colors Here


Kodak Mini Portable Mobile Instant Photo Printer

Help her capture special moments with easy print, Wi-Fi technology. The Kodak mini portable mobile instant photo printer provides high quality photos without the use of cables  or buttons making her life a breeze.

Kodak portable mini printer

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Evapolar Personal Air Cooler + Humidifier

Show her you care about her health with the Evapolar 3-in-1 device. It cools, humidifies, and cleans dust particles from the air for healthier breathing. The Evapolar is made of material that is fully biodegradable and, together with low power consumption, makes Evapolar green and eco-friendly. 


Get The Evapolar Here


YoYo Mats

The  YoYo Mat is a revolutionary yoga mat that rolls up on its own with a simple click. It stays neatly rolled with no need for straps. The YoYo Mat also unrolls quickly with a single toss, and it stays flat on the ground with no curling edges so her mat never gets in the way of her workout. 

Yoga mat

Choose From 4 Different Colors Here


Miseyo Wide Roller Stamp Identity Theft Stamp 

Identity thieves are lurking and ready to destroy lives. Protect her identity with a identity theft stamp. Just one single swipe she can now put junk mail in the trash or recycle, but feel good knowing her name and address is not showing. 

Identity Theft Blocker

Protect Her Identity Here


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Aculief Wearable Acupressure

Help her relieve stress and pain with out the use of medication with acupressure she can use anytime and anywhere. The wearable acupressure also increases her energy so she can get important things done throughout the day.


Get Her Relief Here


Ancestry DNA

Help her learn more about herself by revealing traces of her family history—who her ancestors were and where they came from. From discovering ethnicity to connecting with distant relatives, Ancestry DNA is the largest DNA network in the world is helping more people find the singular story in their DNA.  


Nuwave Oven

Give her the gift of faster, healthier and tastier meals with the Nuwave. The Nuwave oven uses a combination of infrared, conduction and convection technology to prepare healthier and tastier meals with less energy and time that her traditional oven. nuwave

Get The Nuwave Here


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Sleep Headphones 

Super comfortable, breathable, lightweight headphones that can be used for sports, yoga, meditation and relaxation.  Sleep head phones can be used with any number of devices. She will love the fact that you care about her well being. 


Sleep Head Phones

Choose From 4 Different Colors Here


Amazon Prime

When most think of Amazon Prime they only think of the free 2 day shipping, but Amazon Prime is much more than that. In addition to free 2 – day shipping you have access to Prime Now, streaming videos, ebooks and music. Allow her to try Amazon Prime free for 30 days HERE.



Amazon Gift Card

There is a possibility that she may be a picky person.  That is okay because this makes gift giving for you easy peasy. Get her a gift card and allow her to get what her heart desires. 



Bonus: With a world full of negativity and unrealistic expectations, a woman needs to be reminded that Her Own Health matters. Give her a daily reminder with Her Own Health T-Shirt.  

her own healht



Make her feel special by providing a gift that is unique. Trust me she will love and appreciate you for it.

Shameka Renee



Every Woman Is Different, So The Gifts You Give Her Should Be Unique. Here Are 12 Gift Ideas She Will Love And Appreciate.

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