5 Best Laser Hair Removers You Can Comfortably Use At Home

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It is completely natural for women to get hair in multiple areas of the body. Most of these areas receive consistent hair growth and requires trimming.


Some major areas where laser hair growth removal can be used for us women include:

  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Underarms
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Legs


Gone are the days when people had to opt for conventional threading, waxing or expensive in-office visits to remove body or face hair. Modern times ask for modern treatments and here’s where laser hair removal devices you can use at home come into play. 


Laser Hair removal


These handheld devices are capable of zapping hair from the body using pulses of light.  Moreover, the process takes only a few seconds and isn’t painful at all.


The benefit of a laser hair removal treatment is that it not only gets rid of unwanted hair but slows the growth rate too.


Now, walking into a laser hair removal clinic can be a costly chore, so imagine how much money you can save by buying a laser hair removal tool to use at home.


To help you out, we have picked 5 of the best laser hair removal tools for home use. Let’s have a look at them:


Top 5 At-Home Laser Hair Removal: Comparison Chart


Laser Removal ToolWeightEnergy levelsIce Cool FeatureUV rays protectionFlashes
1.MiSMON Laser Hair Removal 2.6 pounds5300,000
2.IMENE Laser Hair Removal 3.1 pounds5500,000
3.FASÏZ Permanent Hair Removal Device  2.9 pounds5✖ 450,000
4.Lovcoyo IPL Hair Removal Device 2 pounds5✖ ✖ 500,000
5. Arssiy Body & Face Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device 2 pounds5450,000

Top 5 At-Home Laser Hair Removers: Products Review


  1. MiSMON Laser Hair Remover

This FDA certified hair removal laser tool will cater to your hair removing needs like a pro. It offers premium features and has a superior build quality that is meant to last for a long period of time.

Women can use this tool to remove unwanted hair from the face and body whenever they want, wherever they want.

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IPL Technology: MiSMON works on intense pulsed light (IPL) phenomenon to get rid of unwanted hair from the body and face. It exerts a broad spectrum of light onto the selected area and removes hair. Moreover, it also slows the rate of growth in that area.


Removes Hair Permanently: This tool is capable of eliminating hair growth problem in various areas when used in the right time frame. 


  • Stage 1: Initially, you have to use the tool once a week for 3 consecutive weeks. This means that you’ll be using the tool thrice in stage 1. Once this stage is completed, you’ll notice a substantial reduction of hair on your body.


  • Stage 2: It lasts for 12 weeks and requires treatment once every two weeks. This means that you’ll be using the tool 6 times in this stage. Upon completion of this stage, you’ll feel that your skin is getting smoother.


  • Stage 3: In this stage, the tool is used once every two months. You’ll see that most of the residual hair on your body is gone where the tool was used.



Dual Lamp Cartridges: The tool comes with both SR and HR cartridges. HR cartridge is used to remove hair permanently in both men and women. While SR cartridge is for rough skin that has wrinkles, patches and lack of elasticity.


Lamp Life: The lamp life of this product is 300,000 flashlights which can easily last for up to 5 years for single person usage.



  • The skin sensor in the tool ensures that the process is painless.
  • 94% hair reduction after 7 treatments only.
  • LCD screen displays the number of flashes.
  • 1-year warranty and 3 months return policy.
  • Wide range of use (legs, underarms, arms, forehead, chin, back, butt and bikini).



  • Cannot be used in the lip region.


  1. IMENE Laser Hair Remover

If you are looking for a long-lasting laser hair removal tool then your search ends at IMENE laser tool. It is meant to last for up to 500,000 flashes easily and cater up to 9-11 people.


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Ice Compress: Most of the IPL laser tools make the skin hot when used. In such a situation, the skin can swell and suffer redness problems too. To avoid that from happening, IMENE laser tool possesses an ice compression feature. There’s a built-in ice compressor plate in the tool that maintains the skin temperature between 32 and 41 F. 


To avail this feature, you need to turn on the ice mode on the tool.


Tiny Lamp Area Cap: The tool comes with a small lamp area cap that makes it easier for users to remove hair from hard to reach places. This cap is only 2.0 cm per square and offers smooth operation in places like underarms, bikini line, back, legs, chest, etc.


Energy Levels: You can choose from 5 different energy levels on this device. Energy level 1 is the lightest of all and should be used in places where the hair is minimal. The strongest energy is exerted on level 5. Choose your desired level from 1-5 and remove hair permanently in just 6-8 treatments.


Quick Results: This IPL tech laser removing tool has satisfied 93.7% of women by showing them results in just 2 months. 



  • 1-year warranty and 90 days return policy.
  • Can also remove hair from the fingers (use the small lamp cap).
  • Ice cooling function protects the skin from getting damaged.
  • Comes with good quality goggles.
  • For both men and women.



  • Not suitable to be used for colored hair (grey, dark brown, blonder, red).


  1. FASÏZ Permanent Hair Remover

If you have dark hair then this tool will do wonders. It absorbs the pulses of light and shows amazing results in a few months only. It is safe to use and produces very minimal noise when operational.

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Different Levels of Light Intensity: We think that this hair removal tool is suitable for various kinds of people because it offers intensity levels to choose from. You can pick any level between 1 and 5 depending upon your skin type, amount of hair and the level you’re comfortable in.


Two Modes: The tool works on two different modes to make the operation easy. First, the flash mode exerts light and aids in removing hair from the area. Second, the gliding mode can be used to remove hair from hard-to-reach places of the body such as the bikini line, chest, stomach, arms back. It makes the tool glide over the skin without causing any pain or irritation.


Fast Results: You will notice amazing results in 4 months only.


  • Stage 1 (Hair remover): In the initial 4 weeks, use the tool once every 5 days. You won’t see any notable difference during this period. Be patient. 


  • Stage 2 (Hair Removal): Fo 5-8 weeks, keep using the tool once a week. You will now begin to see the hair fall off. 


  • Stage 3 (laser hair removal treatment for women): after 8 weeks, use the device twice a month. You will notice that your hair growth has suppressed drastically.


  • Stage 4 (IPL hair removal for women): For the next 4 months, use the device once a month. This is the period where hair growth stops drastically.



  • Lamp tube cools quickly after use.
  • Supports 450,000 flashes (8-10 years).
  • Lifetime seller warranty and 3 months return policy.
  • Painless treatment.



  • Only for women.


  1. Lovcoyo IPL Hair Removal Device, 500000 Pulses IPL Hair Remover 

It only takes 8 weeks to stop hair growth from various parts of the body. It does so by working on the roots of the hair follicles. The tool is meant to work for many years as it supports 500,000 flashes.

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Skin Sensor: There’s a built-in sensor in the device that works only when the tool comes in contact with the skin. For example, it will produce no light if used on the eyes rather than the skin. This is an excellent security feature.


Two Modes: The device offers two operation modes, manual and automatic. In manual mode, you can use the device easily on smaller areas such as bikini line and face. In automatic mode, you can cover larger areas such as stomach, chest, back, arms, legs, etc.


Compatibility: You can use this device on a variety of skin types. It supports blonde, dark brown and black skin tone. 


Quick Results: Shows permanent reduction in hair growth in just 8 weeks.



  • 1-year warranty.
  • 5 different energy levels (1-5).
  • Can be used on lips as well.
  • Comes with safety goggles, razor, adapter, and user manual.



  • Not suitable for colored hair.


  1. Arssiy Body & Face Painless Permanent Hair Remover

This laser hair removal device has all the features that one looks for. It has the cooling feature, 5 energy levels, IPL technology operation and offers protection from UV rays too.

Check Price On Amazon



Ice Cool Feature: This feature keeps the skin cool while using the tool. It prevents pores and pigments from bursting up due to head. In other words, this feature that your skin doesn’t get damaged during use.


Energy Levels: You can choose the intensity of energy produced by the device. It offers 5 levels, you can choose one that you feel comfortable with.


Faster Treatment: You don’t need to wait for months to see results. This tool shows notable results in just 3 weeks’ time. This is because it works directly on the hair roots (follicles) and prevents them from growing back. In just 8-12 weeks, you’ll notice no hair on the areas you used the device on.


UV Rays Protection: There aren’t many IPL laser hair removal tools that can offer UV rays protection but this one can. There are colored filter shields on the integrated lamps to protect the skin from UV rays.



  • Painless operation.
  • UV rays protection.
  • Shows results in just 3 treatments.
  • Easy to use and lightweight.
  • Ice cool function.



  • Not suitable for colored hair.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Laser Hair Removal Tool

If you wish to buy the best possible laser hair removal tool for yourself then you need to look into a few factors such as:


Flashes: The flashes offered by the device determines how much longer will continue to operate. A device with 300,000 flashes can last for 5 years. However, if you want the device to operate for more than 10 years and cater to at least 10 people then choose one that has 500,000 flashes.


Ice Cool Feature: This is a handy feature that keeps the skin cooler when the product comes in contact with the skin. If you want to protect your skin from swelling, choose a laser tool with this feature.


Energy Levels: A device with at least 5 energy levels is sufficient. It will help you remove the most stubborn of hair with the highest energy level and can also operate on the lowest level for lighter use.


Lamp Cap: Laser tools that come with a lamp cap helps in removing hair from hard to reach places. One with a 2.0 cm per square area covering capability will help you remove hair easily.


Lightweight: Do not opt for a laser tool that is too heavy to operate. It will make it problematic for you to use the device in various angles and disrupt precision. A device under 5 pounds is ideal.


Consider these factors before purchasing a tool to get the best laser device available on the market.


Final Thoughts

These are the top 5 laser Hair removal-at home use products that you can choose from. Make sure to pick one that suits your budget and requirements.


-Shameka Renee

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Modern times ask for modern hair removal treatments. Discover the top 5 at home laser hair removers that will amaze you.

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