10 Essential Tools for Zen Meditation

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Our lives would be pretty stressful if we don’t learn to control our mind, our reactions, and physical state because all of these reactions adversely disturb our daily performance. 

We don’t live in an ideal state but with meditation, we can achieve calm that can help us to perform better. The more composed, still and centered we are in our present, the better we can perform and be more productive.

There are many meditation tools in the market that can aid and accelerate your meditation process and help you achieve that peaceful euphoric experience. Here is a compiled list of 10 essential meditation tools that would help you maximize your experience.

These meditation tools will help you free your mind of diversions while keeping you comfortable through the entire experience.

Meditation tools

10 Essential Tools for Zen out Meditation


1.) Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow

A good, comfortable pillow comes first in the list of meditation tools. Most beginners make the mistake of getting a yoga mat, which is very uncomfortable if you have to sit on the floor for 30 minutes.

Brentwood meditation pillow is great for those who love meditation and yogis. It has a trendy modern, design so you can use it while meditation or simply place in your living room after meditation for relaxing or simply sitting.

The outer cover is removable and easy to wash and the organic inner liner holds the buckwheat pillow fill, making it easy to modify the firmness and height for a fresh resting and relaxing place.

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2.) The Mind Illuminated: A Complete Meditation Guide Integrating Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science

Now that you are easy and comfy on your meditation pillow, you need a good book; a guide that would teach you how to take your meditation to the next level because achieving a zen state is not easy especially if you are new to meditation.

This innovative, groundbreaking book, written by a neuroscientist Dr. John Yates also a meditation master, offers a ten-stage program to achieve mindfulness and acquire all-inclusive health. The book also includes steps to overcome mind wandering and how to prolong your attention span while meditating.

So if you are new to meditation, this book will help you meet your goal.


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3.) Alexia Meditation Seat

You will feel tranquil, calm and relaxed on this therapeutic ‘ergonomically correct for the human physiology’ seat.

Alexia meditation seat supports you in a seated position and helps to prevent the tearing and degeneration of muscles and joints while reducing the stress on your overall body.

This gorgeous and elegant leather piece will not only help improve your meditation but will also provide you great posture.

Besides, it will look equally perfect whether you want to keep this Zen yoga chair in your home or in office.

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4.) Enhance LED Dimmable Mood Lamp – with Remote Control

Meditation becomes easy and fun if you have a lamp that could alter the whole aura of your room with a simple click of remote control.  

Enhance Led lamp is the ultimate tool to accentuate your ambient atmosphere while meditation.

You can set your favorite color according to your mood or adjust the brightness from across the room through its wireless remote control.

It is battery-powered so you can take it with you if you are going to a meditation resort or cabin. It will support you in accomplishing that ultimate Zen out experience.

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5.) Tibetan Singing Bowl Set – for Healing and Mindfulness

If you are looking for a complete soulful experience while meditating, you need to have an authentic singing bowl set.

Tibetan singing bowls yield a rich, deep tone which is said to stimulate relaxation and have powerful therapeutic and healing properties.

Their sound and pulsations arouse a peaceful state perfect for deep meditation and holistic healing.

This fine handcrafted meditation bowl set contains a wooden striker and a cushion. Hand-hammered by Nepalese artisans helps open up your calm and insightful mind which allows you to focus on the natural beauty around you.

So if you want to create a soothing technology-free environment then you definitely need one of these to craft the perfect ambiance.

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7.) Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser

Meditation essentially aims to relax or relieve one’s mind from all the stressful activities but in order to acquire that zen-full environment, we need the right atmosphere.

One of the best ways to create a tranquil atmosphere is by having essential oils. Essential oils have huge benefits like reducing anxiety, releasing stress, hormone balancing and many more.

So an essential oil diffuser is a must on our list of the best meditation tools. It’s a tool to disperse essential oils in the form of steam or vapor. Pour in water and your favorite essential oil in the diffuser and let the magic happen.

Aromatherapy has become quite popular in the US and around the world as it shows to relieve anxiety and depression and other stress-related conditions.

So the next time you want to meditate, turn on your essential oil diffuser with the relaxing scent of jasmine or lavender and zen out to the world of calm and tranquility.

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7.) MUSE: The Brain Sensing Headband

The biggest challenge we face during meditation is the fact that our mind wanders way too much.

It’s totally normal because we live in a fast-paced world where everyone is always on the go, that’s why we often find it hard to calm our minds.

If you are struggling with a wandering mind, and loud thoughts then here is a technology-based meditation tool that will help you fix that problem.

The Muse Headband is a meditation tool that monitors your brainwave activity while you meditate.

It’s an amazing tool that helps you stay focused by rewarding you with relaxing sounds of an ocean and chirping birds when it senses that your mind is calm and quiet.

But if your thoughts start to wander, it starts playing intense sounds to remind you that you need to calm your thoughts. It also comes with an app so you can easily keep track of your progress.

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8.) Kasina Mind Media System for Light & Sound Meditation

If you are looking for an out of the mind experience then this device is the closest you can get to achieving it.

The Kasina Mind Media System provides you with a headset and special glasses with fixed LED lights, like a light show for your senses only.

The device comes with different session types like meditate; focus energy, night voyage, trance, and mind-art.

All you need to do is sit back on your comfy sofa or lie down, select your session and track and simply enjoy the show.

So if you experience a constant struggle to quiet your mind or lack concentration and mental clarity then give this device a try.

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9.) Huso Home Frequency and Sound Therapy Machine

If you are tired of using a variety of sound healing techniques while meditating which haven’t been useful in relieving stress then this here is a game-changer for you.

There are days when you don’t feel like sitting for hours or practice deep breathing because your mind is too agitated, HUSO helps you calm down without any effort on your part.

Consistency is the key here. The more you use it, the better you will feel.

Our senses are continuously and relentlessly being assaulted by stressors in our daily life and this, in turn, makes us restless and impatient.

Sometimes, we all need a reset method and HUSO works amazingly well in provided that transformational euphoric experience.

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10.) N.O.W. Tone Therapy System

Some of us feel more anxiety than others even when we are trying meditation. This new tone therapy system helps you relief that constant anxiety. It calms your mind and let you zen out during meditation.

N.O.W. Tone Therapy sound meditation speakers aid you in becoming more peaceful and empathetic during the trial of your daily life.

Just 3 minutes of the mindful meditation tone on these speakers will help you shift from all your problems to your inner more peaceful self.

As they say that its yoga for your mind, so let your mind relax and enjoy this innovative device.

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Next time you want to try meditation make sure you are equipped with these essential items to make your spiritual and soulful journey more fulfilling.


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We live in a crazy world but with meditation, we can achieve calm. These meditation tools will help you achieve your calm state for a better life.

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