Ninja Blender Intellisense Kitchen System Review

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Almost every household has a dedicated device to carry out a particular task such as blending, processing, and pitching. Is it a bad thing? No. Is it a smart thing? Not really.


A smart person wouldn’t waste both money and space by keeping multiple devices in the kitchen. Instead, he/she will bring home an all-rounder that can perform multiple tasks alone.


Here’s where Ninja Blender Intellisense System comes into the fray. This item can perform a multitude of tasks including making smoothies, chopping fruits/veggies, crushing ice, spiraling noodles and whatnot.


In simple words, this Ninja blender is the ultimate device that will cater to all your blending, processing, pitching, chopping and crushing needs.


So without much ado, let’s dive into the details:


ninja blender


Intellisense Technology: You get 4-high quality attachments with the blender and each one has an Intellisense feature installed. When you attach one of these attachments, the blender will automatically guess the container you have used and shown relevant menu options on the screen.


  • Pitcher: If you use the 72 Oz crushing pitcher as your container, you’ll see options to make ice cream, snow cone, smoothie, etc. Moreover, you can adjust the speed, power, and other settings too.


  • Processor: When you use the 8-cup (64 Oz) precision processor bowl, you will see settings such as chop, puree, dip and can also make dough. With this container, you can puree cauliflower and similar items into a smooth texture.


  • Blender:  You will see settings such as extract, refresh, dress and smoothie when you use the 24 Oz single serve blender cup as your container. Moreover, it will ask you to blend in a low, high or pulse setting.


  • Spiralizer: Lastly, it comes with an auto spiralizer that shows settings such as spaghetti blade, fettuccine blade, etc. This container allows you to cut veggies into a spiral shape.


Note: The blender’s smart Intellisense technology will guess the stop time on its own when you’re crushing, chopping, blending, etc. Moreover, it will


Automatic Recipe Creations: If you feel frustrated to look for recipes on Google every time then this Ninja Blender will save you the trouble. It has 35 smart recipes recipe guides for smoothies.


12 Smart Programs: You can choose from 12 various programs to perform a particular task. It will help you extract, blend, chop, pitch, whiz, dip, puree and make a variety of recipes using the option from the LCD screen.


Touchscreen Controls: Why use the old school buttons on a blender when we’re living in the modern era? Thankfully, this Ninja blender has a 1200 watt base LCD touch screen controls. All you need to do is pick and connect the container, choose a pre-set program by pressing on the LCD screen to do a particular task.


Material Quality: All the four accessories you receive with the Ninja blender are made up of a high quality plastic material. Moreover, they are BPA approved. As for the blades, they’re sharp and easy to clean to last for a long time.


Versatility: One of the most amazing traits of this blender is its versatility. It can serve as a blender, pitcher, crusher, whipper, processor, and spiralizer as well. Thanks to the multiple features, you won’t need to buy any extra equipment.


Easy To Clean: This Ninja blender is a smart investment because it can last longer than conventional blenders. One reason for this is because it is easier to clean. Use a smooth cloth (not abrasive or one with bristles) to clean the screen and base of the motor.




  • 1-year warranty.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Lightweight – only 10.4 pounds.
  • The blender won’t active until the top lid is secured and in place.
  • Super sharp blades.
  • Pre-programmed speeds.
  • Extremely durable.



  • The price of the system can be a bit steep for some people.
  • The lid can be hard to remove after use due to its powerful sealing properties for safety and effectiveness.



How does this blender benefit me?

The cost of a single smoothie at a shop is around $4. You can use this blender to make a fresh smoothie in $1 only. Similarly, it can do a bunch of other tasks too. So, all in all, this blender will help you save a lot of money and make many recipes too.


What If I activate the blender and forget it to stop it at the right time?

No need to worry about that because this blender has an Intellisense technology that automatically detects when a task is finished and stops the operation on its own.


Can I use this blender to grind coffee beans?

Of course, you can. A lot of users have been using this device to grind the beans and make fresh coffee.


Is it safe to use?

Absolutely. It comes with a lid that needs to be locked properly or else the blende won’t activate.


Where can I get the Ninja Intelli-sense Kitchen System?

You can get the Ninja Intellisense Kitchen System straight from its maker HERE




Ninja Blender Intellisense System is the ultimate system for any household. It will help you blend, pitch, spiralize, crush, whip, whiz, grind, dough, extract and do many other things.


Long story short, it will serve as a 3-in-1 device and save you a lot of money by eliminating the need to buy extra devices.

-Shameka Renee

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A smart person wouldn’t waste both money and space by keeping multiple devices in the kitchen. Instead, he/she will bring home an all-rounder that can perform multiple tasks alone.

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