Instant Pot (Model: DUO60)


Time seems to pass so fast making you feel as though there are not enough hours in a day. As a result, cooking  meals for your family fall to the bottom of your priority list leaving you making mad dashes through drive thrus, many nights of frozen meals right out the microwave or perhaps if you do cook you slave more time in the kitchen than you have energy for. If this sounds like you I have have the product that will result with you spending less time in the kitchen, creating hearty meals for your loved ones and perhaps cause you to fall in love with cooking. I must admitted I was initially skeptical of the efficiency & effectiveness of the Instant Pot, but I became completely mesmerized when I saw it in action while visiting my mother. I bought my very own Instant Pot and I absolutely cherish my investment to this day. 


What is the Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is a versatile 7 in 1 pressure cooker which includes does the job of a slow cooker, electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, sauté pan, and warming pot.  It does basically the same things the traditional cooker may do, but the dual pressure technology supports flexible cooking and decreases cooking time up to 70% of total time taken in another vessel.  Basically making the Instant Pot a pressure cooker on steroids that is perfect for every kitchen! 


Why the Instant Pot?

The manufacturers of this product have innovatively combined 7 kitchen appliances in one which means that not only it will save you money but would also have you utilize the space at your counter-top effectively. It does take up considerable amount of space at your counter-top but that is anyway less than the space occupied by 7 different appliances. So the problem of space is certainly solved by this appliance. Another problem which it aims to solve is the cooking time. If you have to make meat, soup, porridge, rice, yogurt, egg, cake, pressure cook or slow cook then it consumes lot of time in normal pressure cooker. Also, you have to reheat it if you are eating it sometime after. This instant pot keep the food warm for longer duration and decreases up to 70% of your time by cooking food in fast manner.

Along with all these, it is very easy to cook your favorite dishes in this instant pot. This means that it is designed with slew of self-regulating safety features which includes sensors as well to monitor the temperature and pressure inside the unit. Your job is to plug it in, power on and program the Instant Pot with a few buttons  and this device will do rest of the job. 

Features and Benefits

Apart from the fact that it can replace seven appliances in your kitchen and save you space and money, this product is bundled with following features and benefits.

1.) Consistent results: the device is smart enough to keep the pressure, temperature, heat intensity and duration of cooking consistent. This means you get evenly cooked, healthy and tasty dishes always (provided you take care of spices and condiments consistently)!

2.) Adjustable temperature: This instant pot has artificial intelligence to take care of pressure and temperature but if you want to simmer the heat intensity for thickening of soup or for ‘Saute’ then that option is also available. You can keep the pressure as high or low and adjust the temperature as desired.

3.) Easy one touch controls: It is user friendly pot which promises you fast and fresh homely food sealed with all the nutrients. The user controls on the panel of this pot is as simple as microwave, just one press and you are done!

4.) Safe to use: The traditional stovetop cookers always raised eyebrows when it came to safety. You must have heard stories of people who had their pressure cooker blow its lid! This instant pot extremely safe to use for all age groups as it comes with self-releasing pressure valves. Also, the outer surface of this instant pot is brushed stainless steel which is fingerprint resistant. The device also has a lid holder which is convenient to hold for both left and right handed users.

5.) Artificial intelligence: Amazon has added Alexa skill to this Instant pot which provides you more than 300 recipes with complete guidance on how to cook!


Pros and Cons of the Instant Pot

Pros of the instant Pot:

  • Saves valuable time with “set it and forget it” features. 
  • Energy Efficient
  • 7 kitchen appliances in 1 (Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker, warmer making it easy to narrow down your counter top appliances to just one appliance 
  • A programmable appliance you can program up to 24 hours in advance. 
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes many accessories like rice paddle, soup spoon, condensation collector, recipe book and measuring cup as well!


Cons of the Instant Pot

  • Takes a long time to release pressure naturally after done with meal
  • Can initially seem over whelming with the many buttons on the appliance
  • Although the Instant pot has many safety features, if careless there is possibilities to be steam burn.  


So, if you are tired of eating fast food/junk food every night and want to improve your kitchen mindset. then the instant pot with greatest appeal will surely help you in hitting your goals! This means you get to cook faster, eat healthier and tastier every day! So if there is one kitchen appliance which is must have then this is the one!

Instant Pot (Model: DUO60)




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All Instant Pot Photos Credits:


Do you have an Instant Pot? I would love to hear about how you use it and what your favorite recipes are!


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Simply put, there are not enough hours in a day to cook hearty meals for you and/or your family.  Find out how the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker can be a game changer for you. Great recipes included.

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