Brief Overview of The Company

As a News fan, you’ve probably seen the Helo device been featured as part of Tech News on the FOX News channel. Helo LX is one of the several innovations of World Global Network which is a publicly traded company.

World Global Network made its debut in 2011 as the brainchild of the popular tech man called Fabio Galdi. Since then, World Global Network has made enormous strides by introducing several technological devices aimed at assisting individuals to boost their overall health wellness and live life to the fullest.

This, in turn, has propelled World Global Network’s phenomenal growth in terms of market coverage and has a presence in over a hundred countries around the world. World Global Market is truly a remarkable rising company with limitless opportunities.

What Is Helo?

Helo LX is a fantastic wellness tracking device powered by Toshiba. Some of the key things that the Helo wearable device tracks include blood pressure, heart rate, ECG/EKG, breath rate, emotions, fatigue, sleep quality and several others.

In addition to tracking your steps, Helo LX also provides real-time accurate reports on your overall state of wellness.

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Amazing Features of Helo LX Device

SOS Alert Feature

One of the more amazing features of the Helo device is the SOS alert feature that is designed to signal or alert your family members and loved ones that you are in trouble and require help immediately.

This works by simply pressing the panic button twice on your Helo device. Once the panic button is activated, the device immediately alerts your contact person that you need medical help and it simultaneously sends out your current GPS coordinates providing your immediate location.

This notification is either sent as an SMS or an email message. This is a fantastic feature that provides you with peace of mind as you can easily monitor and send help if your loved ones are in trouble. It is a great device for kids to wear and for the elderly who worry a lot about their health.

This Helo feature is designed to help save your life, the lives of your loved ones and other users of the Helo device.


Seamless Integration Feature

The Helo device is designed to perfectly integrate with other mobile devices seamlessly. World Global Network has developed an App that allows you to integrate your Helo device with other devices such as iOs and Android smartphones.

The App also has a remote monitoring function that allows you and your loved ones to share and easily monitor each other’s health readings.


Other Amazing Features of the Helo Health Tracking Device

In addition to the two aforementioned features, there are several other features made possible by the Helo device that are incomparable to other health monitoring devices in the market.

Some of these features include:

  • Blood pressure measurement.
  • Heart rate measurement.
  • Tracking of steps.
  • Calorie intake tracking.
  • Breathing rate measurement.
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) test and also plots ECG values as accurately as any hospital ECG machine.
  • Mood and energy level measurement.


Is the Helo LX Watch Device worth the price?

The amazing functions of the Helo device are incomparable to any other health tracking device in the market today and the value that it offers should actually make it pricier than the Apple and FitBit Health Watch devices combined together.

However, the World Global Network has generously ensured that despite the high value of the Helo device, the price remains friendly. So how much does it cost? The Helo Device costs only $320 as compared to the Apple and FitBit devices which cost between $250 and $500 each.

World Global Network also offers you the opportunity to buy 3 Helo devices for every member of your family and get 1 free. Truly, an investment in the Helo device is one which will greatly benefit your family’s overall wellbeing.



How can you make money from Helo LX?

World Global Network is not only offering you a fantastic health tracking device but also an incredible opportunity to make money from its affiliate program. This is a fantastic business opportunity for you to make money as you reap the health benefits of the Helo LX device.

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How Does the Helo LX Compensation Plan Work?

There are several ways to make money from Helo but these are a few which I find particularly interesting.

Fast Sales Bonus: This allows you to earn a 10% commission on the products you sell.

Binary Commissions: This is where you are able to earn close to 21% on your lesser volume leg.

CheckMatch: This is where you are able to earn (depending on your rank) between 1% and 10%. CheckMatch is based on the Binary Commissions of the distributors you have on your first 10 levels and this is a particularly rewarding route of building extra income if you are good at building referrals.

Millionaire Pool:  Once you reach this level, you’ll be able to earn close to 1% on this pool plus several other bonuses like Diamond Tour Bonus, Car Bonus, and Luxury Bonus.


Is Helo LX a Scam?

Does this all sound too good to be true? Well, rest assured Helo is 100% legit. The Helo device is worth every cent and its value cannot be understated. You can count on the Helo device to effectively monitor your health and help you live a better and healthier life.

In addition, you can also benefit from its valuable business opportunity by earning extra money and making a decent income. You need to ensure that you join a good sponsor who is available all the time to give you the training and support that you need.

Above all, you must learn how to generate quality leads for your business which will translate to profitable sales and this is where your success in the World Global Network affiliate marketing lies.


How to Get Started?

So are you now ready to get started? The World Global Network income opportunity is easy to start. Joining is absolutely free. All you have to do is buy one of the World Global Network products, preferably the Helo which costs only $320 and then you are in place to start earning some extra money.

Further details and information on what you will need to get started with your affiliate links are already included in your Helo packaging. Simply follow the instructions and start making money immediately!


Helo LX Woman



A great testimony by Dr. Philip Loh

“Between Life and Death”

If you have noticed, I had gone off the radar for the past two days. I was admitted to the hospital due to a heart attack and I would like to share my experience with you.

On Friday morning, I was not feeling too well and I took an ECG reading around noon time on my Helo device. The reading indicated “Abnormal”. I didn’t give too much weight because I thought it was due to the increased stress levels and work overload of the past couple of days that resulted in my “Abnormal” reading.

Well, at about 2 pm I began to feel increasingly uncomfortable and so I took another reading. This time I noticed that not only did my ECG still read “Abnormal” but my blood pressure had shot up and my heart rate was at 130.

I called my fiancée to immediately get me to the closest hospital and as I was going through the emergency gate, I collapsed. The doctors and nurses immediately provided treatment and managed to revive me.  However, as the hospital did not have a heart specialist, I was transferred by ambulance to my hospital that held my medical records.

At the hospital, the heart specialist came to see me after all the ECG and blood tests had been performed and stressed to me just how lucky I was to come in when I did because any minute later would have resulted in a very dangerous situation.

He cautioned that when I took my first ECG reading on my Helo that resulted in the “Abnormal” reading, I should have dropped whatever I was doing immediately and gone in for a medical checkup rather than wait until I did the second reading.

The fact that I delayed and went to the hospital only after I took the second reading resulted in a more serious case. If I had gone in at the first instance, I would not even have been admitted but would have been treated as an outpatient.

To all those wearing your Helo device, please do regular ECG checks and most importantly, TRUST YOUR HELO! For my friends and colleagues who are not wearing a Helo, please get one for yourself and for your loved ones and patients.

I am not pushing you to buy something that is unnecessary but from my experience, I am telling you it is important to own your LIFE-SAVING DEVICE!

Leave A Comment Below… Let me know what you think about this new revolutionary device.

-Shameka Renee


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