The art of gift giving can be perfected with time. Why not steer away from the usual backup gifts and get your lovedFitness Fanatic something that is a bit more customized to their lifestyle. You probably know someone who is dedicated to waking up at ungodly hours in the morning for a run or a workout routine, bike riding everywhere; someone who sticks to a rigorous fitness routine come rain come shine. You may want to buy said fitness fanatic a gift to show them you care about them and that you support all their endeavors.

Fitness-oriented gifts are quite wonderful because you can get something personal that is suited to your loved one’s fitness or health goals and their favorite activities. You can back this up with something extremely useful and stylish, which could also be beneficial for the person. Fitness-related gifts come in literally all shapes and sizes and improvements in technology have brought about items that make it easier to go about your fitness journey. There are gifts for the fitness newbie and gifts for fitness veterans as well. You have to make sure that whatever item you get is not only useful but also shows them that you care about their well-being.


20 Perfect Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic


Fit Bit – Fitness Fanatics make every health and fitness aspect of their life count. You can help make this easier for them with the Ftbit Charge 2.  The Fitbit 2 PurePulse continuous heart rate makes it easy to maximize workouts, better track calorie burn and provides a snapshot of cardio fitness level, while all-day activity and auto sleep tracking, lets your Fitness Fanatic see how their whole routine adds up.

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Wireless Earbuds There is nothing more annoying than having a workout interrupted by ill-fitting earbuds or wired earbuds that are accidentally yank out ears. Do your Fitness Fanatic a favor by providing them with Mini Bluetooth Earbud which are the smallest Wireless Invisible Headphone with 6 Hour Playtime. 

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Adjustable Weights– Studies have shown that lifting weights can increase your metabolism and create lean muscle which in turn will make you look lean. Adjustable dumbbells allow your Fitness Fanatic to lift their desired weight without having to buy a set of 20 dumbbells.Adjustable Weights

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Yoga Mat – The yoga mat will protect your Fitness Fanatic from the creepy crawlers that may roam floors or provide them with a bit of cushion as they perform their intense exercises.

Yoga Mat

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Running Belt – Fitness Fanatics tend to workout outside the home thus leaving them to wonder where to put their keys, phone, earphones and water. With the stretch feature of the running belt your Fitness Fanatic has room to place all these items and continue their Hands Free Workout without worries.

Running Belt

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Hydroflask – Fitness Fanatics know the importance of staying hydrated while working out. The Hydro Flask’s insulated water bottle is made of high quality stainless steel, has no liner and is BPA free. Unlike plastic water bottles or single wall stainless bottles, Hydro Flask will keep your Fitness Fanatic’s beverage of choice at their preferred temperature for hours, whether they choose hot, cold or room temperature liquids.


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Compression Socks– Boosts Stamina, increase Circulation, & improve the recovery of your Fitness Fanatic with compression socks to keep their fitness game strong.

compression Stockings

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Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer – A small, fit core is the epitome of being fit. The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer increases the core temperature during exercise improving sweating and activity to contour the perfect waist for your Fitness Fanatic.

Waist Trimmer

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Sweet Sweat Sports Stick – Sweet Sweat sports stick pairs perfectly with the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer serving as a ‘Workout Enhancer’ that targets “Slow to Respond” injured and problem areas during exercise and enhances Sweat production and detoxification.

sweet sweat stick

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Scale – Weight is an important factor that determines progress so a reliable scale is must. Digital scale technology has advanced so that it tracks weight, BMI, water composition and more, but an analog scale will do just fine if your Fitness Fanatic is not into high tech gadgets.

Digital Scale

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Jump Rope – Jumping rope burns more calories in less time and is more simple than many exercises that are performed today.  This simple, yet powerful fitness gadget would make any Fitness Fanatic happy.

jump rope

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Punching Bag – Boxing routines can burn upwards of 1, 000 calories per hour, improve overall strength, release stress and improve self-defense techniques. The perfect combination of benefits for your Fitness Fanatic. 

Punching Bag

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Boxing Gloves – It’s only logical that if your Fitness Fanatic has a punching bag they will also need Punching /Boxing gloves to protect their wrist and hands. Bouncing back from a sports related injury can be a long road thus providing your Fitness Fanatics with boxing wraps can provide an extra level of protection for their wrist hands knuckles and ankles.

Boxing Gloves

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Weight Lifting Gloves – Lifting weights is very beneficial, but can cause pain to hands and wrist as well as cause rough, ugly calluses. Protect your Fitness Fanatic by providing them with weight lifting gloves that will protect them from the strain and friction that can occur during their weight lifting sessions.

Weight Lifting Gloves

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Wicking Underwear – Having a good work out can cause your Fitness Fanatic to work up quite a sweat.  Research has shown that warm, moist environments on the body can become perfect breeding grounds for yeast to grow. Wicking underwear will provide your Fitness Fanatic with anti-odor and breath-ability that moves moisture away from the body instead of cotton underwear, which tends to stay wet once it gets wet.

wickering underwear

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Foam Roller – Muscle tension and pain can be a common result for your Fitness Fanatic because of working out. Using a foam roller reaches deep into every muscle of your Fitness Fanatic’s body, improving blood circulation and relaxing tight knots known as trigger points while reducing your Fitness Fanatic’s stress at the same time.


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Blender Bottle – Your Fitness Fanatic can quickly mix the thickest energy and nutrition shakes with ease with the blender bottle. The blender bottle is made of stain and odor resistant durable Eastman Triton plastic and is also dishwasher safe, BPA- and phthalate-free.Shaker Cup

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BCAA– Help your Fitness Fanatic train longer, harder, and with more intensity as well as have less muscle soreness after a workout with BCAA. BCAA comes in pill form or powder form, but both are equally effective.


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Daily Burn– Streaming Workout Videos allows your Fitness Fanatic to workout anywhere they desire. With over 500 on-demand, individual workout videos in 20+ amazing programs, your Fitness Junkie is sure to find their ideal work out.Daily burn

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Workout Bag – True Fitness Fanatic tend to spend more time at the gym than at home.  Giving your Fitness Fanatic a STURDY & DURABLE that is roomy enough to hold all their personal belonging will make gym life easier for them.

Gym Bag

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Fitness Fanatics require thoughtful gifts that will be useful to their lifestyle. With this gift guide there are plenty of options that will make your Fitness Fanatic smile and think of you each time they use their gift.

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Regardless If Your Friend or Loved One Is a Fitness Newbie or A Fitness Fanatic, Here Are 20 Clever Fitness Gifts They Will Actually Use.

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