How To Get Rid Of An Yeast Infection Fast

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Yeast infections are very common among women nowadays. According to the Center for Disease Control, 75% of women experience at least one yeast infection in their lifetime. Yeast infection can target other areas of the body.

However, vaginal yeast is the most common type of this infection. Surprisingly, men can also get a yeast infection. However, the case of men is not as common as women.

Yeast infection is the most common type of fungal infection and normally shows up in the genital area. If you are suffering from a yeast infection, you are likely to experience itching, pain, and even discharge from your genital area.

Generally, it is an infection that will make you very uncomfortable. Once you are diagnosed with a yeast infection or you suspect that you might have the infection, it is very important that you take actions immediately to find a cure for the infection.

Yeast infection

How to Get Rid Of A vaginal Candidiasis Fast

What Causes Yeast Infection?

Over 90% of vaginal yeast infections are caused by species called “Candida Albicans”. Most healthy women have about 20% to 50% of Candida without necessarily suffering from yeast infection.

In fact, you can have candida species without having a yeast infection. This infection occurs only when the normal balance of yeast and bacteria present in the vagina are disturbed leading to overgrowth of the yeast.

Yeast infection can be transmitted through sex. However, unlike most people believed, women who are not sexually active can also suffer from yeast infection since they have a presence of yeast in their vagina.

Generally, vaginal yeast infection is not considered to be a sexual-transmitted disease since women who are not sexually active can also suffer from it.

Symptoms of Candida Infection

Some common symptoms of yeast infection include:

  • Pain or burning during sex
  • Vaginal itching
  • Soreness
  • Redness
  • Rash
  • Thick, white, odorless discharge from Vagina.


How Can I Get Rid of Yeast Infection Fast?

It is possible to treat yeast infections at home without visiting a hospital. This can be done with either over-the-counter (OTC) products or alternative therapies.

Below, you will find various methods you can get rid of vaginal yeast infection fast:


1.) Over-the-Counter Treatments

There are some effective antifungal over-the-counter medications you can use to treat vaginal yeast infection. Most of these OTCs are available as creams, ointments, tablets, and suppositories. Some good examples include miconazole (Monistat 3) and terconazole.

Some OTC medication for the treatment of yeast infection requires a single application, a 3-day application or a weeklong application. Make sure you read the instructions carefully before use.


2.) Boric Acid

Studies have shown that the use of vaginal boric acid capsules can help to get rid of vaginal yeast infection fast.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you can treat a yeast infection by inserting a dosage of 600mg of a boric acid capsule into your vagina once per day for 14 days.

Ensure you avoid taking boric acid orally. Taking boric acid in large amounts can lead to kidney damage or acute failure of the circulatory system. If you are not sure, you should consult with your doctor.


3.) Natural Yogurt

Natural yogurt contains a beneficial bacteria known as probiotics which can be very effective in the treatment of vaginal yeast infection.

A 2006 study showed that natural, unsweetened, non-flavored yogurt can combat some of the yeasts that cause a vaginal yeast infection.

You can try natural yogurt by eating it, applying it to the vulva around the vagina or inserting it into the vagina.


4.) Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is well-known for its antifungal properties. In fact, this particular oil is commonly used in alternative medicine to cure so many skin related problems. A study on tea tree oil confirmed its ability to kill a range of yeasts and fungi.

Women use this powerful essential oil in treating vaginal yeast by adding diluted tea tree oil to a tampon and inserting this into the vagina overnight.

To ensure you are not allergic to this essential oil, test it by rubbing it on your forearm, if there is no reaction in 12 to 24 hours, you can use it in treating vaginal yeast infection.


5.) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another powerful home remedy for vaginal yeast infection. This oil has so many health benefits and well-known for its antifungal properties.

New studies have revealed that coconut oil is effective in the treatment of Candida Albicans which causes a yeast infection.

To use coconut oil in the treatment of yeast infection, simply buy pure, organic coconut oil and apply directly to the affected area.

Final Words

Yeast infection can make one very uncomfortable and sex unbearable. You can prevent this vaginal yeast infection by limiting the amount of sugar and processed foods you consume.

You should also wear loose-fitting and cotton underwear which allows proper circulation. Make sure you use antibiotics only when absolutely necessary and avoid douches unless advised by a doctor.


-Shameka Renee



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Yeast infections are very common among women nowadays, but no one has time for that. Read more to find how to get rid of a yeast infection fast.

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