5 Incredible Health Benefits of Running for Women

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If you are not a runner or never tried running then there are many reasons as to why you don’t enjoy it. First of all, it demands stamina, its super tough on muscles, and it can be dull. But for many running is not just a form of exercise, it keeps them calm and helps them become a more spiritual being. 

Despite its bad rap and misconceptions, running has major health benefits for women. Women are prone to muscle and joint pain, menstrual cramps, and PMS and this hinders their workout. However, these situations can be overcome if you run regularly and lead an active lifestyle.

So get your running shoes dry and dusted because here are five benefits of running that would definitely motivate you to leave that comfy couch.


Benefits of running for women
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5 Benefits of Running for Women


Run with the Flow; to Ease Menstrual Cramps

Running releases your body’s natural endorphins which help in elevating mood and makes you feel better. Endorphins also act as natural painkillers, so if you decide to run even during your periods, it will help ease your cramps and discomfort. 

Release of endorphins decreases the level of irritability and depression that comes as a side effect during that time of the month. Running will help improve your mood and with the increase in blood circulation, you will feel less bloated and puffy. So next time you want to avoid the monthly blues, lace up your running shoes and run with the flow.




Mends Muscles and Ease Joint Pain

Studies show that women are four times more inclined to joint pain or osteoarthritis. It’s a misconception that running is bad for joints, science doesn’t back up that claim. In fact, recent studies show that immobilization has a corrosive effect on our cartilage. Staying still is what kills our bones. 

Running also helps in improving our oxygen flow; increase bone mass, remove toxins, stimulate the cartilage to repair minor damage to the knees and strengthens ligaments around our joints which in turn prevents muscle injuries.


muscle cramps

Burn More Calories

High-intensity workouts or running is one of the most effective ways to release natural human growth hormones which aid in gaining tougher muscles and, eventually, improve our performance. For female runners, controlled training like hill reps and intervals help them gain strength and speed. 

Running is the kind of exercise in which you can set your own pace; you can start slow and then build up to it. Also running helps burn more calories than any other kind of activity. Fast running burns more calories than slow running and slow running burns more calories than just sitting. So if you want to lose weight and keep off that muffin top then you need to start running.


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Makes Life Easier for Post-Menopausal Women

Life gets a little stickier for post-menopausal women; they are hot, sweaty, exhausted and cranky during the day and sleepless at night. But here women have a slight edge over men as women’s bodies naturally produce a hormone called estrogen. 

Estrogen is a hormone that affects women’s physiology and can decrease some of the troublesome symptoms of menopause like easing out hot flashes and night sweats while guarding against bone loss. Women who are regular runners report that they fall asleep more easily at night and experience fewer night sweats. Running will also relieve those post-menopausal blues and will help boost up your mood.




Live Longer

Running or any kind of physical/fitness activity assists in overall better health and wellness; it’s a lifestyle that reduces your chances of catching up diseases. It helps in lowering your blood pressure, decreases the risk of cancer diabetes, and even depression.

Running can be fun and social too if you decide to with a friend to catch up on all the gossip or go with your kids or spouse to squeeze in some extra family time. No matter how you choose to run, it’s a great way to acquire good health and soul.



Final Thoughts

So if you want to improve your lifestyle and live a longer and healthier life then wake up your sleepy muscles and rusty joints and go for a run. But remember slow and steady wins the race. 


-Shameka Renee


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Despite misconceptions, running has major health benefits for women. Find out why you should start today.

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