Welcome to Her Own Health! My name is Shameka, but my friends call me Meka for short. I am a Bachelor’s Prepared registered nurse and enjoy my career to the fullest. Although I have enjoyed wearing my Super Nurse Cape to stamp out disease for 15 years, once upon a time I forgot about my own health. As a result, I suffered greatly physically and mentally. I hit the bottom of the barrel in life almost losing my life as a result. Through hard work, consistency and persistence I was able to learn about myself and gain the tools and strength I needed to rise to healthy.


I began Her Own Health as a movement. I found my journey to finding healthy to be such an empowering sensation that I want to make it my mission to remind women that although she is busy being a great mother, sister, daughter and wife she must not forget her own health, but instead remember she is a Queen and that her Health is her wealth. I am not here to give medical advice because you have your doctor for that, but instead, cultivate a sisterhood in where we will explore health, weight loss, good for your body foods, inspirations, self improvements natural living and lifestyle tips in order that we may sit on our thrones fully empowered and healthy.


  • I love to travel- I have traveled more abroad than in the U.S. I love exploring other cultures and lifestyles.
  • Health and health care is my passion- Especially alternative health such as acupuncture, essential oils, green drinks, organic, etc.
  • Summer is my favorite time of year. While most complain it is too hot I feel at one with the sun.
  • I’m kind of obsessed with Minions… Yes, I said minions. The best part is my friends and family support me. (Smile).
  • I find a sense of calm blowing bubbles. I keep about three bottles at a time in my house.
  • I found my passion in health and now taking courses to add my love of technology to the mix.
  • My favorite book genre is self help, motivation and anything that will add value to improving my life.
  • Consider myself an introvert, but others in my life would beg to differ.
  • Fascinated with the human brain and how it works.
  • Documentaries, forensic and ghost story shows are pretty much the only thing I watch on TV.
  • Favorite person is Albert Einstein.
  • Favorite Boxing and Zumba are my favorite exercise.


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