Life gets busy with work, home and other events. As a result, we allow ourselves to sink to the bottom of our priority list by skipping meals, stop exercising and isolating ourselves from family and friends. All the while making excuses not to create time for Self-Care.


Self-care is not an indulgence… it’s a necessity. Not caring for yourself can negatively effect your functioning in life which can create stress, loss of focus and decrease in the ability to perform your usually polished skill sets. 




Here are 65 Self-Care Ideas you can start NOW

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Read a new book
  3. Watch a funny movie
  4. Declutter an area in your home
  5. Take a break from social media for a day
  6. Clean up your social media account from negative people or activity
  7. Get a facial or do it yourself 
  8. Take a bubble bath
  9. Get a mani/pedi or do it yourself
  10. Smile
  11. Get a massage
  12. Do some yoga
  13. Create a play list with all your favorite upbeat songs
  14. Allow yourself to cry
  15. Skip household chores for a day
  16. Take a trip
  17. Write your thoughts and feelings in a journal entry
  18. Talk to someone who gets you
  19. Take a nap
  20. Splurge a bit on yourself
  21. Say no to unnecessary obligations
  22. Ask for help when you need or want it
  23. Take deep breaths
  24. Get 7-9 hours of sleep
  25. Read inspirational quotes
  26. Hug or cuddle with someone or something – pillow, boyfriend, etc.
  27. Hang out with friends
  28. Surround yourself with positive, motivating people
  29. Meditate/Pray
  30. Color in a coloring book
  31. Work in the garden/gardening pot
  32. Get expert help if needed
  33. Establish a routine
  34. Write lists to help you to remember to complete tasks throughout the day
  35. Volunteer/Help someone in need
  36. Challenge your negative thoughts by injecting positive thoughts
  37. Let go of things you cannot control
  38. Diffuse essential oils
  39. Light stress relief candles
  40. Bake
  41. Cook your favorite meal
  42. Buy yourself flowers
  43. Turn your phone off for a few hours
  44. Go on date with someone or yourself
  45. Leave yourself a positive note or a compliment
  46. Put yourself at the top of your to-do list
  47. Spend time with nature
  48. Slow down
  49. Spend time alone
  50. Drink more water
  51. Stop being a “people pleaser”
  52. Stay away from drama
  53. Never speak bad of yourself
  54. Forgive yourself and others
  55. Get rid of toxic people
  56. Practice positive affirmations
  57. Create a safe place
  58. Go after your dreams
  59. Believe in yourself
  60. Create a vision board
  61. Be creative
  62. Incorporate something healthy in your diet every day
  63. Adopt a new hobby
  64. Try new things
  65. Bring out the inner kid in you – lighten up


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To prevent “Burn out”, reduce stress and help yourself refocus in life it is important you view self- care as a necessity instead of an indulgence. Incorporate 1-2 or more things from this list to maintain your physical, emotional and mental balance. You are worth the time and effort. 


-Shameka Renee

Self-Care is not an Indulgence, but a necessity. To prevent

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