Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins needed by the body. It is a fat-soluble vitamin present in few foods and taken as dietary supplements. Like any other essential vitamins, it is taken either through food or supplements as it is not produced by the body.  It is formed when the Ultraviolet rays from the sun hit the skin which results in vitamin D synthesis. This Vitamin helps in maintaining healthy bones and teeth, Insulin and diabetes regulation, supporting the cardiovascular health and the respiratory system and influences developing cancerous genes.


As humans, if we don’t supply our body with the necessary amount of vitamin D, we are bound to be deficient in it and it will have some health repercussions like an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment in adults, asthma, and cancer. Causes of these deficiencies could be that you don’t consume enough vitamin D or you barely go outside; exposure to sunlight is minimal.


Vitamin D is essential along with other vitamins for the necessary functioning of the body but irrespective of how this vitamin is important to both sexes, how does the level of vitamin D affect women? Why is vitamin D supplementation imperative for women? Let’s see why women should check their vitamin D levels.


Healthy Pregnancy

Are you about to be a mother? Or you’ve given birth. I’m sure during your pre-natal sessions; you must have been advised on how to kick up your vitamin intake, especially vitamin D, why? This is because gestating mothers who are deficient of this vitamin have a higher risk of having preeclampsia; the sudden rise of blood pressure and swelling of feet, hands and the face, and would require a cesarean section thereafter.

To avoid this doesn’t mean you should go ham on the vitamin D supplement, as women who have an excess of this vitamin during pregnancy have been found to have food allergies in the child for the first two years. Always check your vitamin level to be sure it’s not too high and not too low.



The dominance of estrogen in the body is one of the primary causes of infertility and other problems. Although vitamin D may increase fertility by six percent, other studies have shown that it works in synergy with other vitamins.

A deficiency in this vitamin alone may not be the problem of infertility, probably a deficiency in others or excessive consumption of vitamin D. To avoid infertility or promote fertility, make sure you check your vitamin D level along with the level of other essential vitamins in your body.


Breast Cancer

It has been reported that about 70 percent of women living with breast cancer in the world today are vitamin D deficient. Most of these women and other women are not aware of the cancer prevention abilities of vitamins D. Studies have proven that vitamin D decreases the amount of cancer-causing genes and prevents the growth of cells in the breast that causes cancer.

If one consumes this vitamin moderately, then the risk of developing breast cancer drops to a staggering 30 percent. An intake of 2000 IU of vitamin D supplement a day can cause a 50 percent reduction in incidence breast cancer. Vitamin D reduces not only breast cancer but other cancer risks in women. Check your vitamin D level.


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Stronger Bones

Vitamin D is important for the promotion and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Although this is for both sexes, how does it affect women particularly? Pregnant women need calcium for both their skeleton and that of the baby. You’re probably wondering – calcium is a mineral, vitamin D is a vitamin, how does it affect my bone health?

Without the presence of vitamins D in your body, your body won’t absorb calcium in hard tissues such as the bones and teeth. Deficiency in this vitamin would cause bone loss and osteopenia for both the mother and her child.

In 2007, research proved that women deficient in vitamin D have 77 percent possibility of suffering a hip fracture. And moderation in it has increases life expectancy of older women by 6 percent. Ensure adequate consumption of this vitamin, check your levels to know how you’re doing.



The immune system is responsible for fighting alien bodies that cause attacks on the white blood cells and bring about certain ailments. Whether male or female we all need to fortify our immune system but pregnant women need it more. At this stage, they are susceptible to certain ailments that could harm them or and the baby so they need vitamin D.

Vitamin D fortifies the immune system and is a constituent of the signals that alert these antibodies about the intrusion of pathogens and other alien bodies. Most cases of infertility are related to some level of autoimmune disturbance. When pregnant, it’s necessary to avoid diseases as it might affect you and the fetus and you can’t do this without a low vitamin level. Check it to know where you stand.


So, you’ve seen that as a woman you need sufficient vitamin D in your body. Are you consuming enough vitamin D? or maybe you are consuming it but excessively, either way, the body needs it along with other vitamins in moderate amounts; not too high, not too low. Your level of vitamin D helps you avert some of the above ailments. Do you know the level of vitamin D in your body? Why not check your vitamin D level today?

Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins needed by the body. As humans, if we don’t supply our body with the necessary amount of vitamin D, we are bound have some health repercussions. Discover 5 Reasons Why Women Should Get Their Vitamin D Levels Checked

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