Everyone experiences stress time to time, but contrary to belief not all stress is bad.  Stress can motivate you to perform, like when you need to take a test. Stress can even potentially save your life. When you face danger, your body goes into what is called “fight” or “flight” where your body either prepares to face the danger or flee from the danger.   Although stress can be a form of motivation and potentially lifesaving it can wreak havoc on your health when you experience it long-term. 


Physical Signs You Could Be Stressed:

Low energy


Stomach upset

Body aches and pains

Tense Muscles

Frequent colds and infections

Decrease sexual drive

Chest pain

Mental Signs You Could Be Stress:


Decreased motivation

Sadness or depression

Feeling overwhelmed

Difficulty sleeping

10 Ways to De-stress



1.) Pamper Yourself – Once a week pamper yourself by ding DIY facials or taking a trip to the nail salon. Make sure you turn off your phone and get rid of any distractions to fully enjoy your experience.


2.) Drink Tea– Kavavalerianpassion flowerchamomilepeppermintlemon balm and lavender tea are all teas that have been reported to have a calming effect. My personal favorite is chamomile tea.


3.) Read– Reading provides you a means to temporarily escape life through imagination. One study found that reading can reduce your stress by an astounding 68%, because “your mind is invited into a literary world that is free from the stressors that plague your daily life”.  My favorite book at the moment is “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero. Check her book out HERE.


4.) Take A Bath–  Soak your stress away in a nice, warm bubble bath. Add a special treat such as a bath bomb, lavender Epson salt  or essential oils to make yourself feel extra special.


5.) Laugh Out Loud– Laughing out loud can literally put you in a happier mood. So go watch a funny movie, call up a funny friend and laugh until your cheeks hurt.


6.) Exercise– Exercise may be the last thing on your mind when you are stressed, but trust me once you get up and moving you will feel much better due to the “feel good” hormones that are release in the brain.


7.) Music– Music is by far my favorite way to de-stress. I personally like upbeat, happy music, but anything that puts you in a better mood… Blast it and dance like no one is watching.


8.) Go Technology Free– Believe it or not increased stimulation from technology overloads your mind.  Take a break from technology and allow you mind to relax.


9.) Sleep–  Not getting enough sleep can increase your stress levels. Make sure you are getting 7-8 hours a sleep.


10.) Essential Oils– Essential oils have been around for many years and all for a good reason. Natural oils such as lavenderchamomilefrankincense and  rose  can help boost your mood and help you relax. Depending on the essential oil, it can be used in a diffuser, used while you are taking a bath, rubbed on your skin or ingested.


Would love to hear from you. Comment below some of the ways you de- stress.


Shameka Renee



Stress can potentially save your life, but long term stress can wreck havoc on your health. Learn 10 Ways to De Stress to relax your mind & body.

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