2017 was a great year! Alot of accomplishments, alot of loving moments and alot of amazing moment. But don’t get it twisted I had my hard and sad times too, but I made it a point to learn from these hard times and refocus them into something good instead of allowing them to drag me down into the trenches of life.  In the midst of it all I learned so many things about myself and grew so much as a person. 


10 Amazing Things I Learned In 2017


1.) It’s Okay to Trust – It took some time, but I finally realized not everyone  is out to get you, have a motive or is trying to take advantage of me. I let my walls down more and learned there are a lot of amazing and genuine individuals in the world.



  2.) It’s Not Always About Me – People go through personal things daily that cause them to react in various ways. I learned to step back, think outside of myself and not to take the reactions personal.


3.) Say No More Often– As humans we have “people pleasing” tendencies, but the truth of the matter is… YOU CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE. The world is not going to come to an end if you say NO. Who ever is offended will get over it.



4.) There Is No Such Thing As Organized Chaos– Regardless, chaos is chaos and can it can cause stress and anxiety beyond measures. Writing to do list, working/focusing on one thing or project at a time and organizing things at work and at home keeps kept my chaos at bay.  


5.) Don’t Get Too Comfortable – Change can be intimidating, but it is something that is inevitable. I have found that great opportunities  come with change so I challenge myself (in work, school and personal life) daily to do better and be a better person than I was the day before.




6.) Everyone Thinks Differently – In a world of trillions of people not everyone is going to think alike. Instead of being quick to judge I take the time to educate myself on different cultures, religions, politics etc. Learning different views has help build diversity in thinking and as a result I have learned so much.


7.) Visit New Places –  We tend tend to live in our own little bubble never exploring what the world has to offer. I set and met my goal of traveling at least twice this year. I enjoy traveling because it exposes me to new cultures, new ideas, new memories as well as a new appreciation of life.




8.) We Are All Works In Progress – We are always learning thus we are always growing. This is something that will never end. Reminding myself of this fact makes it easier to pick myself up after a mistake and carry on with my chin held high.


9.) Getting To Know Yourself Is Pivotal – Taking time away from society to spend time with your self can be your most awakening moments in life. You discover your likes, dislikes, your worth, your capabilities, etc. I no longer hide from myself nor do I try to hide the real me from the world simply because I learned to love ME.



10.) You Need No One’s Approval To Live Your Best Life– No one knows your life, goals and dreams like you do. So, do you. I did and I am living my best life.


What are some life lessons you learned in 2017?  Share them in the comments.


Shameka Renee


2017 was a great year! Alot of amazing moments as well as not so amazing moments happened too, but with these 10 amazing things I learned in 2017 grew so much as a person. 

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